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Ampule Vials, Gold Band Pre-Scored Amber Glass Ampules Easily flip through all the pages of our web catalog from your start here, to the very last page. Browse at your leisure and view our large selection of Laboratory Science Products.Next Page

Ampule Vials, Gold Band Pre-Scored Amber Glass Ampules Ampule Vials, Gold Band Pre-Scored Amber Glass Ampules

Ampules are all-glass containers that can be hermetically sealed to preserve sample purity and extend sample shelf life. These amber glass pre-scored ampules are ideal for standards packaging, environmental standards, diagnostic standards and cryogenic storage. These ampules help reduce sample contamination due to their ultimate tamper-evident seal. The amber glass pre-scored ampules are offered in sizes ranging from 1 to 50 ml capacity. These ampules have stems that can be pull-sealed or tip-sealed to close the container. The Gold Band pre-scored feature eliminates filing.

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