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Manual Pipettes, Acura Manual 835 Fixed Volume Macropipettes

Manual Pipettes, Acura Manual 835 Fixed Volume Macropipettes
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+ Stock # Size Description Case Pk Price/Cs Qty
 W810060   5 ml    Acura 835 Fixed Volume Macropipettes   1/cs   $186.72   
 W810062   10 ml   Acura 835 Fixed Volume Macropipettes   1/cs   $192.32   
 W810056   2 ml   Acura 835 Fixed Volume Macropipettes   1/cs   $186.72   
 W810058   2.5 ml   Acura 835 Fixed Volume Macropipettes   1/cs   $186.72   

Stock #
Case Pk
2 ml
2.5 ml
5 ml
10 ml

  • "Swift-set" user calibration system -- makes tedious calibration procedures a thing of the past. Simple yet precise, this adjustment procedure is in full compliance with international standards
  • Lightweight and convenient to use -- single handed opertaion possible; ergonomic design
  • Ultra-soft, effortless activation
  • Shock, heat, chemical, and UV light resistance is provided by carefully selected materials and superior construction techniques
  • Justip™ system allows the user to utilize a wide selection of different brands of tips by adjusting the height shaft
  • Color coding with the Smarties button caps allows easy identification of pipette sizes
  • Entirely autoclavable at 121°C/ 250°F for 20 min.
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
Pipette Filler to Pipette Tip Compatibility:
Pipette Stock # Description Compatible Pipette Tips
2 ml
2.5 ml
851355 - 2 ml QualiTips MacroTips

W810060 5 ml 851357, W851363 - 5 ml QualiTips MacroTips

W810062 10 ml 851358 -10 ml QualiTips MacroTips

The Acura Manual 835 fixed volume macropipettes feature ergonomic and lightweight design, a precision digital display, and easy, continuous adjustability. Click-stops together with a freely rotating smartie-plunger button cap ensure stability while pipetting. These macro pipettes are available in four sizes from 2 ml to 10 ml.

 = Autoclavable Labware

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Sunday 07 February, 2016