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Histology Supplies, UNISETTE™ Biopsy and Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes Easily flip through all the pages of our web catalog from your start here, to the very last page. Browse at your leisure and view our large selection of Laboratory Science Products.Next Page

Histology Supplies, UNISETTE™ Biopsy and Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes       Histology Supplies, UNISETTE™ Biopsy and Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes

Molded from a special high density polymer, these cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are totally resistant to the chemical action of most histological solvents. The efficient flow-through slots maximize fluid exchange and ensure proper drainage. The one-piece integral lid eliminates the need for separate steel lids. The snap-latch and hinge-lock design of the UNISETTE prevent early separation of base and lid and allows for one-hand operation. Lids can be opened and closed as often as necessary and they always re-lock securely without danger of specimen loss. Large labeling areas are located on two sides of the cassettes. Anterior writing area is at a 35° angle. M506 Series is similar to M505 but specially designed to hold biopsy specimens during the embedding process. Available in 11 non-cytotoxic, non-metallic colors, each case contains boxes of 500 tissue processing cassettes.

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