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Glass Flasks, Clear Glass Shake Flasks w/ 3 Baffles Easily flip through all the pages of our web catalog from your start here, to the very last page. Browse at your leisure and view our large selection of Laboratory Science Products.Next Page

Glass Flasks, Clear Glass Shake Flasks w/ 3 Baffles Glass Flasks, Clear Glass Shake Flasks w/ 3 Baffles

These clear glass shake flasks are available in 6 sizes ranging from 50 ml - 2000 ml (2 L) and each flask has 3 baffles. The glass flasks are designed to be used with rotary or reciprocating laboratory shakers, and are made of clear low extractable borosilicate glass. The design of these flasks promotes maximum aeration to improve growth rate during cell culture procedures. Shake flask necks feature shatter-resistant lips and can accommodate cotton plugs or stoppers.

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