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Agency Approval Codes

There are many agency approval codes, American, foreign and international. The following is a list of several agency approval codes and a short description. This list is meant only as a reference for customers, not to provide a guide, please directly consult agency rules and regulations for complete information.


3-A Milk Handling Standards - 3-A Sanitary Standards for milk handling and equipment


49 CFR, Part 173.27, General Requirements for Transportation by Aircraft - Code of Federal Regulations: General Requirements for Transportation by Aircraft. Specific federal requirements for material transportation.


ASTM D3578-99 - American Society for Testing and Materials standard specification for rubber examination gloves

ASTM D5712-99 - American Society for Testing and Materials standard test method for the analysis of aqueous extractable protein in natural rubber and Its products using the modified Lowry Method

ASTM E288 - American Society for Testing and Materials standard specification for volumetric flask

ASTM E542 - American Society for Testing and Materials standard practice for calibration of laboratory volumetric apparatus

ASTM E694 - American Society for Testing and Materials standard specification for laboratory volumetric apparatus


BS 611 Part II - British Standard requirements for dish and lid of petri dishes

BS-5295 - British Standard for environmental cleanliness in enclosed spaces.


CE approval - Conformity mark required for many products placed on the market in the European Economic Area. The CE marking can only be applied to a product that meets all the essential requirements of the relevant European Directives, which are created by the European Union (EU). Many countries have agreements of mutual recognition of CE such as the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

CSA approval - Canadian Standards Association approval, functions as a neutral third party to develop industry standards. Each standard is reviewed at least every 5 years.

CUL approval - Underwriters Laboratories of Canada is a non-profit product safety testing and certification organization. Accredited by the Standards Council of Canada under the National Standards System.

Class J Clean Room - Class of Environmental Cleanliness. The maximum floor area per sampling position for clean rooms (m2) is 25. The minimum pressure difference between classified areas and unclassified areas is 15 Pa, while between classified areas and adjacent areas of lower classification minimum pressure difference is 10 Pa.


DIN 12 680, Class B - Refers to tolerance standards

DIN EN ISO 1042 - Refers to standardization of volumetric flasks


European Directive 98/79/EC - Refers European Directive regarding in vitro diagnostic medical services


FCC Class B Part 15 - Refers common testing standard for most electronic equipment, as well as technical specifications, administrative requirements or other marketing requirements of such devices


Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) - Created by the EPA to ensure quality and integrity of test data submitted to the EPA in support of pesticide product registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), section 5 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), and pursuant to testing consent agreements and test rules issued under section 4 of TSCA.


IP-43 - Ingress Protection against solid foreign objects with a diameter of 1 mm and greater. Protection against spraying water - water sprayed at an agle of up to 60 on either side of the vertical shall have no harmful effect.

IP-65 - Ingress Protection against a dust - dust tight. Protection against water jets - water projected by a nozzle against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.

ISO 5667-3 - (International Organization of Standardization) general guidelines on the precautions to be taken to preserve and transport all water samples including those for biological analysis but not those for microbiological analysis.

ISO 6706 - ISO (International Organization of Standardization) Standard requirements of plastic graduated measuring cylinders having a graduated volumetric scale and a pouring spout.

ISO 9001 - Requirements for a quality management system, a certification given from following ISO (International Organization of Standardization) prescribed requirements.

ISO 9002 - Refer to ISO 9001


NEMA 4X - National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Enclosures constructed for indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection against incidental contact with enclosed equipment, protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing and hose-directed water. Will be undamaged by external formation of ice on the enclosure. Includes protection against corrosion.


UL approval - Underwriters Laboratories has developed over 1,000 Standards for Safety, and approval is gained when products tested against UL standards pass.


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