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Digital Pipettes and Accessories09/21/2018

Digital Pipettes and Accessories

September 2018 Newsletter
SKS Science carries various digital pipette controllers for efficiently dispensing precise volumes of fluids with little strain. Choose between multi-channel or single channel pipette controller options to fit your laboratory needs.
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Filling Equipment09/03/2018

Filling Equipment

September 2018 Newsletter
SKS Science carries omnispense filling machines and liquid filling machine accessories for efficiently filling a variety of lab supplies, including glass bottles, jugs, and plastic drums.
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Lab Supply: Plastic Beakers08/01/2018

Lab Supply: Plastic Beakers

August 2018 Newsletter
SKS Science carries a variety of plastic beakers for holding, mixing, and heating liquids. While glass beakers are also effective, the ergonomic benefits of plastic, such as durability, versatility, and lighter weight, make it a practical and economical choice. There are many options as far as type of plastic, characteristics, sizes, and colors to meet your lab supply needs.
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Microscope Slides & Staining Systems07/02/2018

Microscope Slides & Staining Systems

July 2018 Newsletter
SKS Science carries numerous microscope slides and staining systems for a range of histology lab applications, including the study of the cell, organ, and tissue structures.
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Sterilization Equipment06/01/2018

Sterilization Equipment

June 2018 Newsletter
SKS Science carries sterilization equipment that uses microbe eradicating steam heat for use with small to moderately sized laboratory equipment to remove the presence of bacteria, spores, and other microorganisms
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Stirrers and Homogenizers05/01/2018

Stirrers and Homogenizers

May 2018 Newsletter
SKS Science carries a number of laboratory stirrers and homogenizers for a range of molecular biology applications, including mixing thin liquids in small volumes, tissue grinding, cell disruption, lysis, and more.
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Product Spotlight
SKS offers a variety of mini mixers, vortex mixers, and roller mixers to choose from for preparing samples by emulsification or combination.
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Septas & Septa Lined Caps03/07/2018

Product Spotlight
Septa liners may be purchased separately or within caps to provide easy extraction from glass or plastic vials and media bottles.
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Disposable Lab Supplies03/01/2018

Disposable Lab Supplies

March 2018 Newsletter
SKS Science carries a number of disposable laboratory supplies for a range of biology, microbiology and medical applications, including chromatography, cryogenics, RIA, bacteriology, and more.
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Glass & Plastic Beakers02/14/2018

Product Spotlight
SKS Science has beakers made of glass and various plastics in a range of styles to offer the best option for your laboratory needs.
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