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Glass Media Bottles05/03/2021

Glass Media Bottles

May 2021 Newsletter
SKS Science carries a wide selection of glass media bottles, also known as reagent bottles, for numerous laboratory applications, including containing various chemicals in liquid or powder form. Choose from our variety of styles, sizes, colors, and cap options to meet the needs of diverse laboratory environments.
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Food Science Lab Supplies & Equipment04/01/2021

Food Science Lab Supplies & Equipment

April 2021 Newsletter
SKS Science offers a wide range of lab equipment and safety supplies needed in food science laboratories. From sterile, disposable lab supplies, such as our transfer pipettes, petri dishes, and swabs, to lab equipment items, such as magnetic stirrers, hotplates and digital scales, SKS Science features high quality and reliable products for your food science lab at affordable prices.
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Manual Pipette Controllers03/01/2021

Manual Pipette Controllers

March 2021 Newsletter
SKS Science offers a diverse selection of manual pipette controllers. Assorted controllers include single-channel macro and micro pipettes, dilution pipettes, fixed and variable volume pipettes, and positive replacement pipettes. Multi-channel, self-refilling, and positive replacement controllers are also available, along with filler and safety vacuum devices.
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Laboratory Mixers02/01/2021

Laboratory Mixers

February 2021 Newsletter
SKS Science carries a wide variety of lab mixers to meet the needs of a range of laboratories. Our selection includes analog and digital mixers, as well as both larger and more compact options for your convenience. Find the right mixer for your laboratory, whether it be to facilitate hands-free mixing in lab tubes, flasks, vials, or cylinders.
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Water Testing Supplies01/03/2021

Water Testing Supplies

January 2021 Newsletter
SKS Science offers a variety of water testing supplies useful in both field and laboratory settings. When testing for microbes and contaminants in any water supply, sample integrity is crucial, and SKS carries durable water sampling bottles, some of which come sterile and treated to eliminate chlorination. Water testing vials and cuvettes are also available for smaller samples, as well as plastic tubing, disposable pipettes, and plastic carboys, for accurate measurement and transportation of samples. Choose from our variety of water testing supplies that are both reliable and affordable for stocking your laboratory.
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Highlighting 2020 New Products12/01/2020

Highlighting 2020 New Products

December 2020 Newsletter
In 2020 SKS expanded its online catalog of lab supplies and lab equipment by bringing in several new items! Recent additions to our inventory include the Bio Wand Handheld Personal Sanitizer, the TC-32 Mini Thermal Cycler, the LinkLabel BlueTooth Enabled Labeler, and more. Visit our new products page to browse all the new additions from this past year.
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Ohaus Portable Scales11/02/2020

Ohaus Portable Scales

November 2020 Newsletter
SKS Science offers several portable Ohaus scales for measuring on-the-go. Ohaus takes the trusted performance and quality of larger scales and shrinks it into these compact scales, so users do not have to compromise accuracy for the ultimate portability and protection.
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HDPE Plastic Bottles10/01/2020

HDPE Plastic Bottles

October 2020 Newsletter
SKS Science carries HDPE plastic bottles in a wide range of styles and sizes, from wide mouth and boston round bottles, to plastic jugs, and much more. HDPE Plastic is also known as high density polyethylene and offers a moderately stiff bottle with good impact resistance. HDPE is characterized by a good moisture barrier property, as well as a stronger, heavier construction than low density polyethylene, or LDPE, plastic.
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School Lab Equipment09/01/2020

School Lab Equipment

September 2020 Newsletter
School laboratory supplies vary by curriculum, from chemistry to biology to earth science, and require a selection of reliable, yet economical, labware items. SKS Science offers a wide range of lab equipment to stock many of the supplies needed in elementary, middle school, and high school laboratories.
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Petri Dishes08/03/2020

Petri Dishes

August 2020 Newsletter
SKS Science carries a variety of petri dishes that are appropriate for a number of scientific applications, including growing bacteria cultures, cell cultures, and more. Choose from our selection of styles and sizes needed for diverse laboratory environments.
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