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Product Spotlight - Mixers

SKS offers a variety of mini mixers, vortex mixers, and roller mixers to choose from for preparing samples by emulsification or combination.

Vortex Mixers

Vortex Mixers High quality vortex mixers are available to complete longer and larger sampling quantities than mini mixers with the same minimal footprint. An SA8 variable speed vortex mixer is ergonomically designed with an optional accessory pack. Users can choose speeds between 250 and 2500 rpm with the turn dial, and use the touch modes and continual mixing settings to change the preferences to suit each sample type. The accessory pack is sold separately for additional versatility with the SA8 mixers and includes two foam inserts and microtitre plate holders. The plate holders allow the SA8 to mix samples within beakers, flasks, microplates, and microcentrifuge tubes.

Vortex MixersBuilt for use in diverse laboratories, the BenchMixer has a counter balance system that distributes weight during the mixing process to reduce noise and rocking. These mixers can function within cold rooms and incubators with temperatures ranging from 4° C to 65° C / 39.2° F to 149° F. The suction feet stabilize the BenchMixers on counter tops and the sleek design is not obstructive in workstations. Choose speeds from 200 to 3200 rpm with a turn dial, and flip the on/off switch to begin and end mixing instantly.

Vortex MixersMortextor mixers have simple controls and tube versatility. The dial setting allows speeds between 200 rpm to 3200 rpm with two different start and stop functions. The ON setting will turn the Mortextor mixers on continuously, while the TOUCH option mixes as long as the user holds the button, allowing for supervised mixing. The general purpose head holds up to eight microcentrifuge tubes and this mixer also offers five accessories, sold separately, to adapt the Mortextor to suit the user's needs. Built to perform in cold rooms and incubators, with spill proof electronic controls and suction feet, the Mortextor mixer will certainly meet your laboratory mixing needs and requirements.

Vortex Mixers The compact LC-8 Centrifuge has a digital microprocessor included that allows the sampling process to be conducted without supervision. The LC-8 allows users to set the cycle duration between 20 seconds up to 99 minutes and set acceleration/deceleration speeds in 100 rpm increments, from 400 to 3500 or 5000 rpm, depending on the model. A built in timer indicates when a cycle has completed. This centrifuge is compatible with eight 15 ml tubes and has an adapter for additional tube sizes.

Vortex MixersFor a durable and high capacity mixer, choose the BenchMixer XL with a digital display. Mixing cycles are completed in the rack which can hold tubes, flasks, vials, and cylinders. Additional racks are sold separately for use with 2 ml, 15 ml, or 50 ml tubes. The BenchMixer XL is capable of reaching speeds from 500 rpm up to 2500 rpm, with cycle times ranging from one minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes. There are several different mixing methods, including the pulse function, which allows for interval mixing, and extremely accurate long term steady mixing. Benchmark designed the BenchMixer XL mixers to handle heavy use. Precisely balanced and constructed for rattle and motion reduced cycles, this machine is made to produce high quality results under various conditions over long periods of time.

Mini Vortex Mixers

Mini vortex mixers mix, emulsify, homogenize, disintegrate, and dissolve samples at high speeds. These mixers require minimal space and create cycles with a low amount of noise and vibration. SKS Science created the chart below to compare the variety of mini mixers available.

Mixer Max Speed On/Off Max Capacity Features
Vornado™ 2800 rpm Insta-Touch and pressure 1 x 50 ml tube Less than four inches in size, choose from five cup head colors. Simple, fast mixers for small applications.
MyFuge Mini 6000 rpm Open and Close Lid 8 x 2 ml or 32 x .2 ml tubes or 4 PCR strips Starts and stops in seconds with nearly silent mixing. Extra rotor included for using with .2 ml PCR tubes and strips. Hood choices include clear or 4 other colors.
Mini 6600 rpm On and Off switch on the side 6 x 2 ml or 16 x .2 ml tubes or 8 PCR Strips Vibration free mixing in a compact size. Clear hood with a choice of red or blue mixer. Adaptors included to use with .4 - .5 ml sized tubes.
StripSpin 5500 rpm Open and Close Lid 12 PCR strips Less than six inches wide. Requires minimal counter space. Round rotors for use with 8 2 ml tubes are sold separately.
Myfuge 12 5500 rpm Open and Close Lid 12 x 2 ml or 32 x .2 ml tubes or 4 PCR strips Double the capacity of many mini mixers with a diameter less than six inches and under 5 inches tall. Adapter packs, available for .2 ml and 5 ml tubes, add versatility within laboratories.
MyFuge 5 5500 rpm Open and Close Lid 4 x 5 ml tubes or 4 x 2 ml tubes Four position rotor, compatible with three adaptors, sold separately, to match various test tubes. The mixers accept cryovials, snap caps, and blood culture tubes.
PlateFuge™ MicroPlate 2100 rpm Open and Close Lid 2 PCR plates or 2 microtiter plates or 24 x 0.2 ml PCR strips Includes a swing-out rotor securing two microplates in place and a well bottom for any accidental droplets leaving the plates. Accepts all major PCR plate types including skirted, semi, and microtiter.
MC-24™ Touch High Speed 13500 rpm Start/Stop Button 24 x 2.0 ml tubes or 2 strips of 0.2 ml tubes Button controls with digital display stating the speed, set time, and remaining time during cycles. Store nine customized programs with speeds in 100 rpm increments and 1 to 99 min lengths.

Roller Mixers

Roller MixersRollers perform a gentler mixing than vortex mixers, while maintaining highly accurate results. Analog rollers are available with six or nine rollers with a set speed of 33 rpm for continuous quiet mixing in many settings, including cold rooms and incubators. Digital rollers have the same smooth mixing, but with the ability to set cycle parameters. With speeds from 5 rpm to 60 rpm, the six or nine rollers perform a precise rocking and rolling movement. Use the timers on the digital rollers to continually mix samples for a set time unattended. Roller stacking systems have a simple, no tool set up that reduces counter space by allowing multiple rollers in action to be stacked. For larger sample sets, TubeRollers, in the five or ten roller models, offer a set speed of 38 rpm with continuous quiet mixing of tubes, bottles, or flasks. The wave like motion of the TubeRoller ensures even mixing within the containers.

Whether choosing vortex or rolling mixers, be sure to browse the large selection of tubes SKS Science has available for all your testing needs.

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