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Product Spotlight - Plastic Petri Dishes

Used primarily for the culture of bacteria and other microorganisms, plastic petri dishes are essential to many laboratories. SKS Science offers a broad inventory of polystyrene plastic petri dishes in a range of styles to match your application needs.

Polystyrene Plastic Petri Dishes

Polystyrene Petri Dishes
Polystyrene is a top choice for the manufacture of petri dishes for many reasons. Polystyrene is highly durable and rigid, with glass like clarity to ensure accurate measurements and view cultures with ease. Polystyrene also very lightweight, biologically inert, stress crack and impact resistant, as well as non-toxic. Petri dishes composed of polystyrene are versatile and easy to use. SKS Science provides each petri dish sterile and packaged in heavy wall PE sleeves for added protection.

Standard Plastic Petri Dishes

SKS provides several options in standard polystyrene petri dishes that do not feature grid markings.

Non-Grid Polystyrene Petri Dishes These plastic petri dishes are composed of medical grade virgin polystyrene and are radiation sterilized and traceable by lot and sku number. Choose from five sizes and varying styles, including:
- Slippable or stackable lids
- Deep dish or standard volumes
- Bi-plate (two marked compartments)
- Ring style (for use with automated filling equipment).

Each style of petri dishes include flared lid skirts and squared corners that allow one handed use with or without gloves. These plastic petri dishes have ventilation ribs that assist in air circulation, reducing condensation during incubation.

Non-Grid Polystyrene Petri Dishes Plastic petri dishes composed of biomedical grade polystyrene are precision molded to prevent any distortion while viewing.

The 100 mm x 20 mm and 100 mm x 25 mm plastic petri dishes are offered with both non-vented and vented ribs, depending on the desired level of condensation and depth for longer or taller specimens. Various sizes and styles are available to accommodate the long term growth observation of cultures ranging from fungal and plant to mycobacteria.

Non-Grid Polystyrene Petri Dishes Round polystyrene petri dishes are 50 mm x 9 mm and stackable for multiple dish incubation samples. These petri dishes include lids with frosted areas for easy labeling and squared off edges on the tops and bottoms to create a comfortable grip for single handed opening. An option including absorbent pads is also available, for applications encompassing micro-organism culture through agar or broth based media. The lids are molded, ensuring that the absorbent pads and agar media do not dry out during incubation periods. These polystyrene petri dishes are designed to accommodate 47 mm diameter membrane filters.

Plastic Petri Dishes with Grids

Grid Polystyrene Petri DishesSquare plastic petri dishes with grids are practical for phage typing, susceptibility testing, plate counts, and probe assays with no optical distortion. These square petri dishes are 100 mm x 15 mm in size with 13 mm square grid markings. The grid is numeric in one direction and alphabetic in the other. The underside of the lids are molded with four venting ribs to prevent condensation. Round petri dishes with grids are 100 mm x 10 mm in size with 10 mm grid squares markings in the same format as the square petri dishes. These plastic petri dishes feature raised convex surfaces and are free from optical distortion.

Petri Dish Stands

Petri Dish Stands
If your laboratory routinely uses petri dishes, consider petri dish stands to aid in storage, organization and quick access to your samples.

SKS Science has white petri dish stands composed of steel with a white epoxy coating, designed with a square base for stability. A single white petri dish stand holds six 92 mm petri dishes, is ideal for small batch incubation applications, and can be steam autoclaved for sterilization. These stands can be purchased in cases of four.

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