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Product Spotlight - Plastic Carboys

SKS Science offers plastic carboys in a range of shapes, capacities, and materials that are suitable for the secure storage and convenient dispensing of a variety of liquids in the laboratory.

HDPE Plastic Carboys

Carboys are often composed of HDPE due to its efficient moisture barrier and resistance to acids, greases, oils, heat, cold, alcohols, ketones, bases, esters/ethers, and hydrocarbons. HDPE plastic is also impact resistant and durable, allowing for the safe storage and dispensing of frequently used chemical compounds within laboratories. Each of the HDPE carboys below has a maximum usage temperature of 110° C/230° F.
HDPE Plastic Carboys
HDPE plastic carboys with tubing and clamps feature a square design, allowing for compact storage on shelves or in closets. These 5 gallon plastic carboys come with 60" tubes composed of food grade vinyl with an inner diameter of .375" and outer diameter of .5". Vented closures help prevent air pockets from forming within the tubes for stream-like dispensing. The included 15 position Dura-Clamp provides easy one handed control on the amount and speed the tubing dispenses. These containers are easily transportable due to their compact design and molded handles. HDPE Plastic Carboys

SKS Science also offers 5 gallon square HDPE plastic carboys with two spigot options. Choose between natural PE Flow-Rite faucets or natural LDPE flow spouts with vent tubes and red nozzles. These plastic carboys feature a low profile design that allows for easy placement and stability on shelves and counter tops where space is limited. Graduations in 1/2 gallon increments are molded into the carboys to aid in measuring fluids and tracking the dispensed volume.
HDPE Plastic Carboys

HDPE plastic carboys with aspirators are available in 5, 10, and 25 liter sizes. These carboys are tall and slender, with black HDPE handles for carrying allowing for easy transporting. The 5 and 10 liter carboys are hexagonal in shape with spout opening diameters of 1.9" for the included aspirator stopcocks. The aspirator stopcocks will assist dispensing in an even flow of liquids that may have suspended particles or sediments. The 25 liter HDPE plastic carboys have rounded shapes with spout openings of 2.5" for the stopcocks. Wide openings on these plastic carboys provide efficiently and mess free filling.

LDPE Plastic Carboys

LDPE plastic carboys offer the same strong moisture barriers and chemical resistances as HDPE, but with slight differences in material composition for compatibility with a range of solutions. LDPE plastic carboys could be a practical solution for applications involving the storage of organic and inorganic solvents. The maximum usage temperature for LDPE plastic carboys is 80° C/176° F.
LDPE Plastic Carboys
LDPE plastic carboys with tubing and clamps are available in 1, 2, or 6.5 gallon sizes. These round carboys include 5 feet of food grade vinyl tubing with an inner diameter of .24", as well as convenient molded handles for carrying. The LDPE plastic carboys include vented closures and Dura-Clamp tubing clamps to aid in correct placement of the plastic tubing. The 1 gallon carboys come with 15 position Dura-Clamps, while the 2 and 6.5 gallon sizes have 12 position clamps.
LDPE Plastic Carboys

The round LDPE plastic carboys with spigots are also available in 1, 2, and 6.5 gallon sizes. The spigots have diameters of .75", with attached serrated tips that are capable of holding 13 mm - 16 mm inner diameter tubing, if needed. The 6.5 gallon carboys also have molded handles that allow easy transportation.

Polypropylene and PET Plastic Carboys

SKS Science provides plastic carboys composed of polypropylene and PET plastic that may be useful for the storage of deionized water and other liquids in your laboratory.

PP Plastic CarboysThe 5, 10, and 20 liter polypropylene plastic carboys are autoclavable and include stopcocks for high durability and convenience. These carboys have rounded, octagonal shapes that provide increased rigidity when full. Graduation markings are permanently molded into the carboys in 1/2 gallon increments for the 5 liter container, and in 1 gallon increments for the 10 and 20 liter sizes. End-sealed handles are molded into the plastic carboys for balanced transportation and prevention of leakage and contamination. Large offset necks promote easy filling and are compatible with durable, ribbed closures. Leak-proof, heavy-duty stopcocks are attached to the plastic carboys, with boss fittings for additional strength, as well as removable tube fittings. For continual use, SKS Science also offers replacement stopcocks separately.

PET Plastic CarboysClear PET plastic carboys are composed of food grade plastic, with compatible accessories available. The clear PET plastic has excellent clarity and maintains effective barriers against oxygen and moisture. These 6 gallon carboys feature two dispensing options with accessories to fit a wide range of laboratory needs. The first option (405564-006L) includes one solid cap, one cap with a 1.7" hole, and a #10 stopper with a closed bottom for top dispensing. The second option (405564-006S) includes a lower spigot for bottom dispensing, an EPDM O-ring, one solid cap, one cap with a 1.7" hole, and a #10 stopper. Both sets of caps are composed of polypropylene. If new caps, spigots, EPDM O-Rings, or stoppers are needed, SKS sells each accessory separately.

HDPE Plastic Carboy Spill Trays

HDPE Plastic Carboy Spill Trays
HDPE plastic carboy spill trays are compatible with plastic carboys up to 15" in diameter to reduce spills and contamination. The spill trays are composed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, for long term use. Plastic carboys should be placed on the main spill containment tray which has a capacity of 2 gallons. A beaker or small container can be placed in the 1/2 gallon capacity bottom trough to be filled, where any overflow will be caught. When not in use, slide the containment tray back and fold up the bottom trough for more compact storage.

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