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Product Spotlight - Syringes

Syringes are regularly used in research laboratories, medical and veterinary clinics, as well as classroom settings for numerous applications. SKS Science carries a variety of different syringe styles and sizes to suit your needs.


Syringes Oral syringes sold by SKS Science, in 3 ml and 10 ml sizes, have a two-part construction that is compliant with USP27 <661> for extractables and pressure tested for secure seals. The outer barrel of the syringe is composed of polypropylene lubricated with kemamide for smooth and accurate dispensing. Kemamide is a widely used fatty acid with primary and secondary amides that reduce friction to allow plastic materials to move seamlessly without resistance. Each outer barrel includes measurements on each side for readability at any angle. The 3 ml syringe reads in increments of 0.5 ml, while the 10 ml size has 1 ml increments. HDPE plungers and PE dispensers are also included inside the barrels. All plastics used to create these syringes are certified medical grade for use in pharmaceutical and laboratorial settings. Oral syringes come individually wrapped, but are not sterile. These cost efficient oral syringes are reusable, dishwasher safe, and have no small pieces for easy cleaning.

Syringes SKS Science offers glass syringes in .05 ml to 50 ml capacities for accurate dosage amounts. Manufactured by Dosys™, these glass syringes are composed of the highest quality reusable borosilicate glass. Dosys™ is a well know brand for syringes and other medical supplies commonly used in a range of laboratories. The glass composition provides superior chemical and heat resistance and adapts well to temperature changes. The plungers and barrels can be sterilized in temperatures up to 160°C/320°F. Clear and permanent measurements are listed on the barrels of the glass syringes for easy dosage readings.

Accessories for Syringes

Accessories for SyringesIf you choose to purchase plastic oral syringes from SKS Science, the self-sealing orifice reducers are an excellent choice for spill-free dosing. The orifice reducers sit securely on compatible glass or plastic bottle necks to aid in dispensing liquids with oral syringes.

To dispense, puncture the orifice reducers with the oral syringes and draw the required dosage. Once complete, remove the syringe and the reducer will close the hole created to eliminate leaks and spills. These self-sealing orifice reducers are approved as childproof for use with child resistant caps and can be matched with an array of glass or plastic bottles with a 24 mm neck opening.

Accessories for Syringes Dosys™ has created needles and handles for quick and efficient use with durable and reusable glass syringes. Choose stainless steel needles in an array of sizes for compatibility with glass syringes in the appropriate capacity. These needles attach effortlessly, are durable, reusable, and autoclavable for easy cleaning.

Handles for glass syringes are also sold by SKS Science to avoid constant motion exhaustion while working within high-speed laboratories. The pistol grip handles reduce hand fatigue, allow highly accurate dosing in fast increments, and have features to customize the dosage to your needs. An adjustable locking nut assures that volume is set for reliable doses while dispensing. The handles are simple to assemble and are autoclavable at 121° C for 20 minutes while fully assembled.

Syringes are a necessity in laboratories! Be sure to choose the right capacity and style to suit your needs. Contact our customer service department with any additional questions or comments.

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