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Product Spotlight - Wash Bottles

Wash bottles are a staple within any laboratory setting for housing and identifying various chemicals and liquids. SKS Science has a large variety of wash bottles to choose from that meet numerous laboratory demands. All wash bottles are composed of LDPE plastic and many offer a selection of purchasing options, including combination packs, with or without labels, and color-coded caps.

Wash Bottles
LDPE has many features that make it an ideal material for the construction of wash bottles. LDPE is lightweight and flexible, allowing the wash bottles to be squeezed from any angle during dispensing.

Wash bottles are versatile and convenient for commonly used compounds due to LDPE's resistance against acids, alcohol, bases, esters, hydrocarbons, grease, and oil. LDPE can also withstand temperatures up to 80° C. The high impact resistance of LDPE allows wash bottles to withstand heavy use and won't break when accidentally dropped or knocked off work stations.

Non-Labeled Wash Bottles

Non-Labeled Wash BottlesHighly versatile LDPE wash bottles with white caps and swivel/leak proof closures are a useful choice for workstations or laboratories. These wash bottles are available in 60 ml, 150 ml, 250 ml, and 500 ml capacities and can be purchased in cases of five or in a combo kit that includes one of each size.

Narrow mouth wash bottles with large bore tubes are available in a range of sizes. The large bore tubes can be trimmed down to increase the output flow of the wash bottles. Contents of these wash bottles can be dispensed by a controlled stream or drop by drop.

Non-Labeled Wash Bottles Wash bottles with sloped shoulders feature a slim design that is useful in areas with limited work space. Pair these wash bottles with either white or red caps in a variety of sizes. These bottles also include white swivel/leak proof closures with a built-in swan neck dispensing spout for a steady stream of liquids.

For improved stability when dispensing, choose 250 ml or 500 ml squared-oval wash bottles with threaded caps. These bottles have a tube molded into the neck of the bottle with removable jet tips to provide a thin or heavy stream while dispensing.

Round wash bottles feature an integrated dispensing tube molded to the container. Tube tips are attached to close the dispensing tubes when not in use for reduced contamination and easier storage. The dispensing tubes can also be trimmed for a heavier flow.

Non-Labeled Wash Bottles Wash bottles in 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1,000 ml sizes paired with white, red, yellow, green, and blue polypropylene leak-proof spout closures offer good visibility of the liquids within, while also creating a color coded system for your laboratory. These wash bottles have wide mouth openings to reduce spillage, and the flexible construction eliminates hand fatigue when squeezing.

Fully color-coded wash bottles with matching closures can further assist with identification and organization. The 500 ml wash bottles are available in red, green, yellow, and blue colors with matching closures. Each bottle color is packaged in shrink-wrapped packs of five.

Labeled Wash Bottles

Labeled Wash BottlesLabels provide a clear way to identify contents and display instructions for ease of use and safety. 250 ml and 500 ml size water wash bottles are paired with white leak-proof spout closures and have three labeling options. Choose between wash bottles with the words water, distilled water, or deionized water printed on the front of the bottle.

SKS Science also carries a biological stain wash bottle kit, which includes five of the selected 250 ml wash bottles. Each of these wash bottles is pre-printed with information regarding five common biological stains: Lugols, Gram Iodine Solution, Crystal Violet, Gram Color De-coloring Solution, and Safranin Solution. Hazardous warning symbols and instructions for proper use are also clearly displayed in the labeling area. The corresponding spout closures include a driplok venting system consisting of a valve that allows volatile vapors to escape and decreases the negative build up of vapor pressure when not in use.

Labeled Wash Bottles 250 ml or 500 ml size slope shoulder wash bottles with colored closures have several pre-printed label options to choose from. Select one of the following designations to label your slope shoulder wash bottles: water, distilled water, acetone, isopropanol, methanol, or ethanol. The acute angled swan neck dispensing spout ensures direct dispensing with minimal splash back.

Brightly colored 250 ml and 500 ml wash bottles feature the following labels for quick identification: water, acetone, ethanol, isopropanol or methanol. All labels have instructions displayed in English, French, German, and Spanish. They also include Globally Harmonized Symbols (GHS), NFPA diamond, risk phrases, and safety information. Combo packs are available for purchase and contain one of each printed color coordinated wash bottle.

Labeled Wash Bottles For laboratories that use more than the common liquids labeled above, SKS Science offers custom wash bottles, which feature blank writing areas to distinguish the chemical compound housed within. The spouts include a driplok dispensing system to eliminate drippage, while the jet tips allow for a controlled stream output.

For complete customization, select 250 ml or 500 ml wash bottles with red or green caps. These wash bottles include pre-printed templates on a unique write on - wipe off surface and optional markers to write in content specifics. The template includes spaces designated for the originator, date of receipt, lot number, bottle contents, first use date, expiration date, and COSHH hazard symbols. Black solvent based markers, sold separately, are highly recommended for use with these wash bottles to reduce smudging. To relabel, simply wipe the marker off with acetone and reuse as needed.

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