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Epoxy Info

Epoxy Plastic Information

Epoxy based coatings are offered in a variety of application blends which may contain a variety of filler materials. Epoxy is stable, tough and resistant to many corrosive chemicals, making it a great surface coating. As a surface coating to steel and other metals, it prevents rusting.

Epoxy for Packaging

Because of its protective properties, epoxy coating is a good material to use in a laboratory. For metal laboratory supply, it can prevent rust, allowing for longer use of epoxy-coated products. It can stand up to many chemicals, making it ideal in the event of accidental spills in the laboratory.

Recycling Epoxy Plastic

Epoxy does not have its own recycling code, but can be recycled into many other products. For more information regarding epoxy recycling see the Plastic Container Recycling Page

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