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Polystyrene Plastic Info

Polystyrene Plastic Containers

Characteristics of Polystyrene

  • Poor
  • Excellent

  • Clarity
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Oxygen Barrier
  • Acid Resistance
  • Grease & Oil Resistance
  • Stiffness
  • Impact Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Cold Resistance
  • Sunlight Resistance
  • Aldehyde Resistance
  • Base Resistance
  • Ester Resistance
  • Ether Resistance
  • Hydrocarbon Resistance
  • Ketone Resistance

  • Good to Excellent
  • Fair
  • Poor
  • Fair to Good
  • Fair to Good
  • Fair to Good
  • Poor to Fair
  • Fair
  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Poor
  • Good
  • Poor
  • Poor
  • Poor
  • Poor

Other Characteristics of Polystyrene

The material surface of PS (Polystyrene) is a transparent, rigid and glass like polymer. PS is biologically inert, non-toxic and light, and heat stable. PS containers have a good stress crack and impact resistance, as well as good chemical resistance to many aqueous solutions. PS has poor barrier properties to oxidizing agents and halogenated solvents. It cannot be used at elevated temperatures.

  • Max Utilization Temperature: 158°F
  • Min Utilization Temperature: 14°F
  • Specific Density: 1.05

Polystyrene for Packaging

PS is a good choice for packaging, because it has many versatile properties. PS is clear, hard and lightweight which makes it a good alternative to glass. It can be sterilized by gas and gamma irradiation.

Other Uses of Polystyrene

PS is manufactured as both ridged and foamed material. Polystyrene is commonly used for CD packaging, aspirin bottles, cups, plates and cutlery.

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