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Digital Scales Features

Parts Counting - These scales have the ability to count items of uniform weight. The scale must be programmed with the weight of a single piece of that item, and is then able to keep track of the number of pieces based on weight.

Dynamic/Animal Weighing - Dynamic weighing scales are capable of producing accurate weighing results even under the most adverse or unstable conditions. A few examples of situations in which dynamic weighing may be helpful include weighing live animals, weighing on board a ship, or on an unstable surface.

Check Weighing - A checkweighing scale measures the mass of a package or product usually as it travels over a conveyor. It records the mass of an item and rejects those which fall outside of a preset range of values.

Percent Weighing - Percent weighing is achieved by placing a reference weight on a balance, then viewing other loads as a percentage of the reference. The reference weight equals 100%.

SQC (Statistical Quality Control) - The SQC feature can be a useful aid during filling processes, to eliminate risk of under and over filling. SQC balances allow parameters of various packaging methods and materials to be preset such as packaging weight, and acceptable/ non-acceptable weight limits of the product. As up to 25 samples in a batch are weighed and stored in the balance, a trend analysis is developed and displayed on the screen. Up to ten batches can be viewed on a trend screen for quality control purposes. Each batch of samples is shown on the screen, indicating the max/min standard deviation and averages for each batch. An ongoing examination of the relative deviation of the samples as well as other statistics can be viewed and stored. By observing the results of the "View Trace" screen, you can effectively monitor a filling process.

Differential Weighing - Differential weighing keeps initial tare and weight values on file and compares those values to a second set of data after a change has occurred in the sample. For example, a sample could be weighed, removed from the scale and dried out, and then weighed once again so that the difference in weight can be calculated. Up to 80 samples can be stored. Balances with differential weighing mode have the ability to work with up to two containers or without any containers.

Gross/Net/Tare - G/N/T is commonly used when you need to identify the individual weights of a container, its contents, and the sum of the two. Gross weight is the total weight of the container plus its contents. Tare weight is the weight of empty packaging or containing elements without the item inside. Net weight is the weight of the contents themselves alone, without any containing elements. (Gross - Tare = Net). After calculations are made, net weight is displayed on a readout.

Formulation - On some scales, formulations can be specified with 2 - 10 components each, and may be recalled or used at any time. For each component of a formulation, a weight or percentage may be specified. Each element of a formulation is displayed on a dual bar graph as a percentage and displays the desired weight. Each component may be placed on the weighing pan until 100% is reached.

Pipette Calibration - Some digital scales, such as the Voyager Pro Analytical models , may be used as part of a pipette calibration procedure in which the accuracy and precision values of pipettes are checked by weight analysis. The balance may record data from 3 - 30 samples of each pipette tested. A density table for water is included and if liquid is used for calibration, the balance will accept the alternate liquid?s density in g/cc at room temperature. Since all calculations are made within the balance, you must know the atmospheric pressure to complete the procedure. Click here for more tips on pipette calibration using digital scales.

Filling - During a filling procedure, a target reference weight is preset, and objects/materials are added to the balance gradually until the target weight is reached. The screen shows the preset target weight and the current percentage of the target by monitoring differential data, and when 100% is shown on the screen, the container will be accurately filled.

High Point - High Point mode can be used to analyze batches or lots, or to quality check random samples. In this mode, the balance will store only the highest weight from a series of weighing data.

Statistics - Statistics mode can be used to compare and examination differences between multiple (minimum of three) samples. Menu options include number of samples, maximum, minimum, difference, sum, mean, standard deviation, relative deviation, auto sample and auto print. Statistical data can also be used for Animal/Dynamic Weighing and Checkweighing values.

Density Determination - Density Determination mode includes four methods of density determination:
1. Density of solids more dense than water
2. Density of solids less dense than water
3. Liquid density (sinker required ? not included)
4. Density of Porous material (impregnated with oil)
After entering parameters, the built in density table and mass measurement provide rapid and accurate density results, without manual calculation.

Totalization - Allows adding of a series of weights that may be greater than the balance's maximum capacity. Helpful when adding the masses of several samples together, eliminates the need for a calculator.

Moisture Analysis - Moisture Analyzer scales can be used to determine the moisture content in substances such as soil, plastics or food. The scale measures the sample's weight at the beginning of the process and again at the completion. In between a halogen lamp heats up the sample and evaporates the moisture. The difference between the starting weight and the end weight will equal the substance's moisture content percentage. Temperature of lamp can be adjusted from 100 - 150° C, and up to 50 different sets of sample data can be stored.

Display Hold - Allows user to hold the highest stable weight on the display until cleared - useful for weighing large objects and packages.

Multi Language - Features option to display text in additional languages, easily configured on display screen.

Time and Date - Records/displays the time and date. Some scales will also output the time and date in printable records.

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